The Beatles - The Beatles

The Beatles- (1968-11) The Beatles (UK/US)

THE BEATLES (The Beatles Review) Celebrating & sometimes mocking old styles, while innovating new ones, it’s all encompassing (Rating 10/10)

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Mar 2 2014
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour

The Beatles- (1967-11) Magical Mystery Tour (US)

THE BEATLES (Mystery Tour Review) Half psychedelic new songs & half unreleased radio singles, but it all flows together (Rating 10/10)

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Feb 28 2014
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's

The Beatles- (1967-06) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (UK/US)

THE BEATLES (Sgt. Pepper’s Review) It rewrote the rock rulebook by defying every pop convention while remaining accessible (Rating 10/10)

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Feb 26 2014
The Beatles - Revolver

The Beatles- (1966-08) Revolver (UK)

THE BEATLES (Revolver Review) Experimentation & accessibility merge into a psychedelic-pop masterstroke, arguably their best (Rating 10/10)

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Feb 24 2014
The Beatles - Rubber Soul

The Beatles- (1965-12) Rubber Soul (UK)

THE BEATLES (Rubber Soul Review) Its proto-psychedelia is over-praised, but its best songs are folky & legendary (Rating 8/10)

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Feb 22 2014
The Beatles - Help!

The Beatles- (1965-06) Help! (UK)

THE BEATLES (Help! Review) Its balance of seriousness & accessibility make it a mature pop masterpiece & better than ‘R. Soul’ (Rating 9/10)

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Feb 20 2014
The Beatles - Beatles For Sale

The Beatles- (1964-12) The Beatles For Sale (UK)

THE BEATLES (For Sale Review) Its themes of despair are shadows under its sunny overtone, making it contradictorily engaging (Rating 6/10)

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Feb 18 2014
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

The Beatles- (1964-07) A Hard Day’s Night (UK)

THE BEATLES (Day’s Night Review) The epitome & farewell to the early Beatlemania sound, making it insanely catchy & essential (Rating 6/10)

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Feb 16 2014
The Beatles - With The Beatles

The Beatles- (1963-11) With The Beatles (UK)

THE BEATLES (With Beatles Review) One classic track & few good others, but its covers take it a step back rather than forward (Rating 4/10)

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Feb 14 2014
The Bealtes - Please Please Me

The Beatles- (1963-03) Please Please Me (UK)

THE BEATLES (Please Please Me Review) More remarkable in impact than in sound, but it’s still pop pleasure from front to back (Rating 6/10)

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Feb 12 2014
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