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Bad Religion - Bad Religion EP

Bad Religion- (1981) Bad Religion EP

BAD RELIGION (Bad Religion EP Review) It’s rough, but the ideology & aggression is already in place, for collectors only (Rating 3/10)

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Dec 8 2013
Bad Religion - How Could Hell Be Any Worse

Bad Religion- (1982) How Could Hell Be Any Worse?

BAD RELIGION (…Hell Be Any Worse Review) Some trademarks are present, but it lacks the signature sound of their future albums (Rating 5/10)

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Jan 22 2014
Bad Religion - Back to the Known

Bad Religion- (1985) Back To The Known

BAD RELIGION (Back to the Known EP Review) Tempo changes & strong vocals lay the foundation for future albums & make this pivotal (Rating 4/10)

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Mar 18 2014
Bad Religion - True North

Bad Religion- (2013) True North

BAD RELIGION (True North Review) Super speedy & trademark polysyllable lyrics make this one of their best since A.T. Grain (Rating 8/10)

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Aug 7 2013